Divorce Secrets Revealed To Make Sure You Live Life Happily After Divorce...

Most people don't want to think what life after divorce will be like. People are afraid of what their friends and family will say as soon as they know that they have divorced after so many years in a relationship. It is quiet common for someone to think about how life will be when the marriage is over.

Some people even rather stay in a dead relationship for fear of being seen as "just another divorced couple". But I believe that's not the right thing to do because a marriage should be based on true love and not being together simply because of being together.

Here are 5 points to keep in mind concerning life after divorce:

Life after divorce  Point 1: Are you emotionally stable...If you wanted to divorce then you have to deal with the consequences

Divorce can be very rough and can have serious impact on your physical and emotional well being, no matter what stage you are in in the divorce. The divorce lawyers, the settlements and the children. All these things can seriously damage you if you are not strong. I am not saying that you are going to have a bad life after divorce... you will be just fine. I am saying that going through the whole ordeal can drain so much from you and change your life. Realising this and accepting it will definitely help you face the situation head and will guarantee that you will have a happy life after divorce.

Life after divorce item 2: There is a bright side of divorce... I swear!

All of us at some point in our lives wish that we could have done things a little bit differently. Now that you are single again (newly divorced) you can start from scratch and build a life that you always wanted for yourself. I mean my good friend Jonathan from Durban once said to me "Tendai if only I knew what I know now 10 years ago I could have changed my world." I bet most of you agree with my good friend. You must have a positive mental attitude about your newly divorced lifestyle and you must always make sure that you are happy at all times. There is no point crying and crying... be happy... you are finally divorced for Christ's sake... that irritating spouse is gone... finally. Life after divorce can be brilliant , but this done not mean its all roses. Ever since my divorce went through I have started looking at my life as a glass being "half full" and not "half empty". It is essential that you notice this will ensure that you stay truly happy after divorce

Life after divorce item 3: Mix and mingle with the "divorced crowd"

People normally start new relationships with just about anyone simply because they feel lonely during a divorce or after getting divorced. Starting a relationship with someone new is not that easy, especially if you have a divorce record (just kidding). Its far much easier for you to hook up with someone who divorced as well because you share a common ground and you will never have these unnecessary fights associated with "don't keep comparing me to..." You must also surround yourself with positive people who will give you the strength to go on after divorce and not to pull you down or make you feel bad about yourself. Do not rush to get into another relationship because you might end up stressing yourself even more and have to go through the divorce process a second time around.

Life after divorce item 4: Spend time doing the things that you like in your spare time every week.

Don't walk around looking all sad as if the divorce just ended your life. Look happy... smile.. go out... enjoy yourself. Some people go into habitation , start performing poorly at work, go just go crazy after getting a divorce and the rest of their life is spending in sorrow. Take the time to go out and do something that you love.. just for you as this will make dealing with the divorce a hell lot easier and perhaps enjoyable.

Life after divorce item 5: Set some goals and devise a plan to reach those goals.

Life after divorce is a dynamic time of your life and you need to be able to 'balance everything'. One way to make sure that you feel good about yourself and enjoy the feeling that achievement brings, take a set of goals that you have always wanted to reach but never attained. The nest step is to prioritize those goals and devise a strategic plan to achieve them, one at a time. When you achieve a goal reward yourself with something (dance around if you wish) once you've reached your goal. Your life after divorce will be markedly better and healthier if you take this concept to heart and follow it.

See how you want to live your life after divorce as this a is a sound and meaningful thing to do in order to be happy after divorce. You don't have to live a miserable life after divorce you can indeed be happy.

Life after divorce can be free your mind, soul and body if you act based on proper plans and positive emotions rather than looking at the downside of things all the time. If divorce is coming then you need to be ready to go through it.